Contestants 2014


Eliora Chua
24 years old

<strong>Eliora Chua</strong> <br>24 years old
Earth is like a big family that needs care, love and support to continue to flourish! Let's play our part to make earth a better place for everyone!

Adeline Tan
25 years old

<strong>Adeline Tan</strong> <br>25 years old
Let's do our part to protect and preserve the natural beauty of mother earth.

Angeline Tan
27 years old

<strong>Angeline Tan</strong><br>27 years old
If we want a clean environment, a better earth and hope for better climate change, we can do more than just to "HOPE" . Let's act now

Charlene Kiew
19 years old

<strong>Charlene Kiew</strong><br>19 years old
Garbage can be recyled, but Mother Nature can not!

Pearlyn Cai
25 years old

<strong>Pearlyn Cai</strong><br>25 years old
To promote the importance of waste separation in all households in order to minimize the amount of materials sent to landfill.

Iris Jim
19 years old

<strong>Iris Jim</strong> <br>19 years old
Making a commitment in the environmentalism means more than recycling; it means taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of a product.

Sylvia Lam
27 years old

<strong>Sylvia Lam</strong> <br>27 years old
The Earth is dying. Global effects can be felt and seen right before our eyes. Stop destroying - Go green.

Jessica Tan
19 years old

<strong>Jessica Tan</strong><br>19 years old
If the world could spend billions on weapons of destruction, shouldn’t we spend a billion or two in protecting our environment from destruction?

Eunice Teng
21 years old

<strong>Eunice Teng</strong><br>21 years old
Action speaks louder than words. Let's do our part and save mother earth today!

Maria Shirley
23 years old

<strong>Maria Shirley</strong><br>23 years old
Mother Earth has given us a beautiful home with gorgeous flora and fauna. Now it's time for us to give back. Let's do our part to help Mother Earth preserve her beauty!

Mei Ling Chua
27 years old

<strong>Mei Ling Chua</strong> <br>27 years old
Beauty pageant draws great attention and I hope to use it for a good cause to share and learn on how we can do our part to help save the earth.

Francesca Soh
23 years old

<strong>Francesca Soh</strong> <br>23 years old
Creating Paradigm Shifts in mindsets that Economics and Going Green are in sync.

Yi Xin Sng
23 years old

<strong>Yi Xin Sng</strong><br>23 years old
Together, we hold the key to a better tomorrow. It’s up to us to decide what our future kids have left to see of this beautiful world. So keeping green and preserving the nature is part of me now, how about you?