The Team


Cheryl T. Hansen

Managing Director

C. T. Hansen International Pte. Ltd.

A highly regarded entrepreneur having established businesses in Asia, Europe and Australia for the past 20 years, Cheryl is the founder and owner of C. T. Hansen International Pte. Ltd. (CTHI) since 1997. She is also a co-founder/owner and CEO of the prestigious international brand since 1923 - John Robert Powers in Singapore as well as publisher and Editor-in-Chief for ecoMode magazine, an eco-lifestyle magazine for green modern living.

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Kelly Teoh

Business Director

C. T. Hansen International Pte. Ltd.

Kelly is a seasoned veteran with over twenty years of experience in providing business development, marketing and event management services. As her career progresses, Kelly has been distinguished as an active industry participant and leader. She has helmed the marketing roles of various major players in industries ranging from management consulting, events management, hospitality, property development and shopping lifestyle.

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Calvin Tan

Production Director

C. T. Hansen International Pte. Ltd.


Eddie Ho

Creative Director

C. T. Hansen International Pte. Ltd.

With more than 10 years in the fashion and entertainment industry, Eddie is the founder of Singapore's designer fashion label 'Baby' and have directed and choreographed numerous events, pageants and competitions for major clients locally. Currently focused on the entertainment industry, Eddie has recently successfully organized the first fitness model competition in Singapore - NutriMan and NutriGirl.